Podcastrovalva – Travaling the Vortex

“Traveling the Vortex” quickly became one of the Doctor Who podcasts that I make sure to listen to each time it comes out, from the time I first discovered it in 2013.
The “Vortex Boys” as they have come to be called (though the Three Errant Dogs nickname has been floated!) are from Kansas. I would say that it is one of the friendliest podcasts that I listen to. It is also the longest: most episodes come in at a length similar to that of a typical Peter Jackson movie. So you might want to listen to it in two stretches.

What sets “Vortex” apart from other podcasts I listen to is the extensive involvment of their listeners. This includes frequent feedback from Holly, Rachel, Chrissy, and others.

This involvment to other ways listeners can participate, including a Doctor Who book club


and some regular events where everyone watches a Doctor Who episode (or a film) and tweets their comments along with it.

A good place to start is the Vortex Boys’ Sylvester McCoy event from Planet Comic Con from earlier this year, as it is 49 minutes.


The podcast is found at


and it is also available on iTunes and the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance.


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